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  • Anatomy of a Fall


  • Love in the Afternoon

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  • Anatomy of a Fall

    Anatomy of a Fall


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    There are a lot of films these days about truth, and about attempting to discern truth when faced with competing narratives. Appropriate, since this is probably the main anxiety of our time (intertwined with other anxieties around, say, authoritarianism). This film is a particularly good one, however.

    In some ways, this film is the opposite of Monster — both films deal with the process of juggling multiple truths, but in the case of Monster it is adults trying to figure…

  • Love in the Afternoon

    Love in the Afternoon

    Very dated — the premise of this film and a lot of what it celebrates is terrible and inappropriate.

    But… Audrey Hepburn is amazing in this film, and it contains a lot of delightful Billy Wilder touches in the dialogue, in the staging, mise-en-scène, etc. A great example is Frank Flanagan sending the drinks cart of champagne to the musicians.

    The Chavasse apartment is a wonderful space, and it makes a great contrast to Flanagan's hotel suite.

    I think this might…

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  • Downfall


    Quite a film. Imagining the unimaginable. And a source of memes.

    It's an intricate reconstruction of what must have been a tremendous unravelling in those final moments.

    Bruno Ganz definitely threw himself into this role — I cannot speak to the accuracy of the portrayal, but he creates a character and so thoroughly steps into it that it is kind of amazing to watch. He does sound a lot like Daffy Duck at times.

    Corinna Harfouch gives a chilling performance…

  • The Red Turtle

    The Red Turtle

    Insipid. But also kind of cloying. The main suspense in the film was that it felt for the first bit like it might start to get interesting at some point, but after about 2/3rds of the film, it became clear that absolutely nothing interesting was going to happen, and everything would reach its predictable conclusion.

    More than anything, the film seemed to be trying to lay claim to degree of emotional resonance and poignancy that it never really earned with…