Angst ★★★★

As I've said before, I generally like my Shocktober movies to have some supernatural element. This doesn't. It is extremely unpleasant as we follow a newly-released-from-prison man as he immediately endeavors to kill again. As he finds a group of victims and then goes about his business we get a lot of voiceover from him where he explains his unhappy upbringing and some of his first encounters with torturing others. Again, deeply unpleasant. It is, however, interesting filmed with many shots coming from either high above or down below the normal eye-level framing and a modified version of those attached cameras pointing to famous people as they investigate haunted houses. There are also several scenes composed entirely in extreme close-ups which are even more unsettling in their implication of the audience in the "action" of the film. Intense, off-putting, remarkably effective. Also, there's a cute dog.