Escape from Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow ½

Really very not good. I complained recently about Something Wicked This Way Comes giving us a lot of incident without much meaning. Here is an even worse example. Filmed covertly over the course of months inside Disney World, Escape From Tomorrow aims to be.... something? An indictment of the fakeness of the park? A chilling horror film? A sad-dad comedy? Some kind of body horror thing? Well, if it was aiming at any of these things it utterly fails at hitting them. The early goings are good as some famous ride elements get momentarily twisted into evil versions of already creepy if you think about them animatronic characters. It's a nice effect and well suited to get us into this psycho version of the park. It's too bad that the other hour and 20 minutes are so dumb. And badly acted. And gross. There's a lot going on but none of it means anything. Avoid.

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