Hell Baby

Hell Baby ★★★½

Quite funny, not at all scary. Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon write and direct and feature in this spoof on about half of the horror genres. Some of this area was already covered recently in FX's insane American Horror Story but even the jokes that are similar are still funny here (the haunted house is named various insidious things in various languages, but none of them really top The Murder House). Maybe the funniest element is Keegan Michael Key in a raucous version of the neighbor from hell. His appearances are always highlights. The rest of the story is very basic, but the duo of cops and Vatican emissaries are also a welcome happening. I've heard a lot about the development of this movie over the course of the past year and a half since most of the cast are frequent guests on the podcasts I listen to. I was glad to finally watch the film and even more glad that it's an enjoyably funny time.

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