Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2 ★★★

Well, at least it's a chapter 2, and treats itself as such. There's little time given to catching up or re-introducing characters. We're expected to jump right back into this wacky world of hypnosis and remote viewing and metaphysical time travel. It uses the prologue to quickly reacquaint us with the man/boy at the center of it all and then just goes batty. It's totally silly but I think that's on purpose. Jump scares transition into jokes instantaneously as you realize what exactly that ghost just said before she slapped the Rose Byrne. A gasp followed by a laugh is what Insidious Chapter 2 is going for and it mostly succeeds. It's just that it doesn't have the newness of the first chapter or the serious scares of something like The Conjuring going for it. There's a lot of red lighting and some found-footage stuff (thanks Oren Peli!) and I'd rather see another one of these little weird movies than the billionth Saw film, so there's that.

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