Swing Time

Swing Time ★★★★

Remember how I recently complained about Tommy's inability to slow down an let a moment happen? How it was all song and dance and it turned me off so much I practically couldn't stand it any more? Well, in Swing Time, I had the opposite problem. Give me as much Astaire and Rogers singing and dancing as you possibly can, and ditch almost everything else. It's not that I didn't enjoy those more normal elements of the film, I mostly did. It's more that those song and dance numbers are so freaking good that I could probably watch an entire movie of them. There's gotta be a cut out there that just gets to the chase. And it is a chase. It's a classic set up: guy meets girl but is already betrothed to another, second pairing develops amid tension and turns into true love, but first girl returns and maybe screws everything up for everybody. Really, though, was there ever any competition here? Ginger Rogers is a total charmer and a fantastic partner for Astaire's witty dancing. I'll surely continue to seek out their films together. Like I said, almost everything else here is fine (too much time is spent doing things that I don't care about, and the plot is silly to the max), but to see them move together is something wonderful.