The Revenant ½

Everything you know about this movie is true. Its production was a long and grueling process which has ended in this movie. You can feel the effort coming off the screen, even if you don't know about the production junk. Everybody is trying their hardest, but to no discernable end as far as I can tell. Like, this movie takes 2.5 hours to say nothing of note. It drags the viewer through the wilderness alongside Leo DiCaprio and I guess it does a good job of showing just how mind-numbing that journey would be. But if your movie has nothing to convey and then ends like this movie does, I'm going to call it a major waste of time and energy. Which is a shame, because it starts so strongly. The first 40 minutes are exciting and interesting and full of potentially meaningful story/character threads. These get pushed to the side, though, in favor of misery-porn and some misguided attempts at transcendence via silly dream sequences. Only Tom Hardy comes through mostly unscathed, as his is the only character with non-trite story beats. Even he is marred by the overly effortful production. He gets more done in way fewer words in Mad Max: Fury Road. Anyways, this movie mostly sucks.

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