Twins of Evil

Twins of Evil ★★★★

Aha! With a title like that and a story like this (two young adult women come to stay with their uncle (a witch burning moral police kinda guy) and must be on the lookout for a suave Lord-something-or-other who just happens to be a vampire). The title is misleading, though, as only one of the twins turns evil. It's a super fun time, though, with an older Peter Cushing going all out as the also-evil uncle. In fact, there's like 1.5 good characters in the film, with everybody else enjoying some level of evilness. Also, there's some nakedness. You'd be disappointed if there wasn't, with a title like Twins of Evil. It still doesn't have many scares (there's one great shot of a cloaked figure which is supremely creepy) but again the vibe is great. I'm looking forward to Vampire Circus!