White House Down

White House Down ★★★★

Channing Tatum is a bona fide movie star. After the successes of 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike he's on a bit of a hot streak, and the gravy train keeps coming with White House Down, a thoroughly entertaining bang bang shoot 'em up. While neither Tatum nor Jamie Foxx can match Bruce Willis's combo of everyman and action hero, by their powers combined they can approximate his screen presence pretty well. And Roland Emmerich directs a solid action scene. There's plenty of set up in the early goings, which stretch just a hair longer than I wanted them to before getting to the action. When the bullets start to fly the scenarios and set pieces escalate in a formulaic but effective manner. This is nothing groundbreaking. It is a really fun time, though, and that's exactly what I wanted with a premise like this.

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