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  • The Hudsucker Proxy

    The Hudsucker Proxy



  • Spice World

    Spice World


    Overstuffed with plot (and subplots, god) in a way A Hard Day’s Night’s iconic minimalism wasn’t. A shame, because if this was just the Spice Girls hanging out and getting into shenanigans, it could very well have been a camp masterpiece. Instead, the film seems obsessed with keeping the camera on everyone except the Girls. Meanwhile, its attempts at industry satire were proven to be completely shallow when Josie and the Pussycats did it significantly better and smarter four years later.

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  • WALL·E



    When you’re one of the richest film studios in the world and could make a huge dent in stalling climate change if you put your money where your mouth is and instead you make an awful ecofascist film telling children that fat people are the reason the world is ending.

  • Bringing Out the Dead

    Bringing Out the Dead


    A more mature Taxi Driver, focusing on the toll that a necessary but traumatic job can take on a person. How, in order to watch people die every day, a person has to numb themselves—remove themselves mentally from the situation entirely, even—in order to stay sane, and how dangerous it can be for a person who simply feels too much to do that. Maybe Schrader/Scorsese’s most empathetic work.