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  • Hagazussa



    Hooptober 7, Film #4

    What Amer did as giallo, Hagazussa does as period folk horror. Mostly without dialogue, and with minimal plot the two effectively capture a hypnotic atmosphere, a sense of dread. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you're in the right mood to allow yourself to be entranced by a film, Hagazussa has a lot to give.

  • Porno



    Hooptober 7, Film #3

    What sounds like a great concept - the staff at a Christian cinema accidentally summon a succubus - but what's delivered ends up feeling quite generic for the majority of the runtime. Minus a few moments Porno is quite tame and there's never really a moment where it hits the fever pitch of insanity that its clear influences - films like Evil Dead and Demons - reached. Given a more creative creative team there could have been a good splatter flick here, but what we've ended up with just feels a bit dull.

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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Hooptobe 7, Film #2

    There's not really been many horror films recently featuring an invisible antagonist in a while - the most recent I can think of is It Follows and that was more a partially visible antagonist in my opinion. But The Invisible Man makes that gap seem worthwhile.

    The film is well made, good, but not spectacular cinematography, but it's the sound design where the film excels - the quieter, tense moments forcing you to take in every…

  • Underwater



    Hooptober 7, Film #1

    I'm a sucker for this sort of isolated survival horror - deep sea, space, Arctic research stations - and you can definitely see the DNA of something like Alien or Leviathan in this, but at the pace it goes it never really has time for the dread to set in, and that lingering sense of foreboding is what sets the good films in this sub-genre apart from the great.

    Underwater falls firmly into the good section,…