• A Knight's Tale

    A Knight's Tale


    A tired plot with some sweet moments.

    Heath Ledger’s cheekbones, though.............

    Also, the fist on the lance was incredible.

  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday


    Charming! A real ringer of a movie 🛵

  • Pushing Hands

    Pushing Hands


    Ang Lee captures Chinese family dynamics like no other!

  • Kusama : Infinity

    Kusama : Infinity


    Yayoi Kusam makes my world brighter!

  • Sleepless in Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle


    Meg Ryan is a stalker!!!

  • Mud



    Watched Lake House NYE weekend 2021.

  • Live Free or Die Hard

    Live Free or Die Hard


    Okay, this is when they start to feel like parodies of themselves....

    (Watched Christmas 2020)

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    Watched Christmas Eve 2020 after burnt clay blowout 💥

  • Die Hard 2

    Die Hard 2


    Hard to believe this happens to him 3 more times.

  • The Eight Hundred

    The Eight Hundred


    A sad part of Chinese history that was harrowingly captured in this stunning war movie. 

    War! What is it good for!?

  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    Watched with Annie on snow day ❄️

  • Bend It Like Beckham

    Bend It Like Beckham


    Watched the night I got laid off. Needed a feel-good movie.