Cries from Syria ★★★★½

It's the responsibility of every American citizen to watch this film. Especially those of us out there who truly believe a 10 year-old kid whose family was murdered in front of them and whose house was blown to smithereens is really just a terrorist trying to put one over on the good, old U.S. of A. Two hours of looking at dead kids can really shift an opinion or two.

Here's an idea: Our shithead president loves watching TV, right? Well prop him up in front of HBO GO and have him see what his cuddly Russian buddy is helping facilitate by carrying out bombings of hospitals and schools and wiping innocent men, women, and children off the face of the earth with chlorine bombs and sarin gas.

This film is infuriating, difficult to sit through, absolutely devastating, and I firmly believe that everyone needs to watch it, or consider yourself forever on the wrong side of history.

Does run a little long though...