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  • The Doorway to Hell

    The Doorway to Hell


    Cagney's the trusty sidekick of Lew Ayers, who's far too clean-cut and friendly to pass as a mafia boss, but he gives it his best shot (apparently there was some debate that casting such a handsome actor would make crime seem too appealing). Ayers takes over the illegal booze racket, rids the city of gang violence, and thinks he can retire, but the mob wants him back before everything falls apart. It's a somewhat naive early gangster film that's severely…

  • The Public Enemy

    The Public Enemy


    Cagney's most famous pre-code film suffers from early sound technology and an episodic story. It certainly has some memorable moments (like the famous grapefruit scene) but it's kind if disappointing in comparison to the more polished "Blonde Crazy". It made Cagney a star, though, and he's definitely charming and ruthless, and gangster crime is depicted with all its brutality. It's the most violent movie of Cagney's pre-code days.

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  • Know Your Enemy - Japan

    Know Your Enemy - Japan


    Five Came Back called Capra's anti-Jap documentary indefensible in the way it vilifies the enemy, but if you cut through the propaganda it offers an interesting history of Japan (with a focus on their cruel and warlike nature) and ironically ends its condemnation by telling us how Americans will be more victorious and more warlike than the Japanese could ever dream of.

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    Effective horror film that turns the jungle into a living hell, although the only real horror is what the arrogant Americans do to the natives, and the fake gore isn't nearly as distasteful as the plentiful real gore (all with animals). Very unseemly stuff.