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  • The Post

    The Post


    Spielberg lays it on a bit thick, and maybe Tom Hanks is miscast, but it's a masterfully told story of journalism doing its job with great period details. I'd rather see a movie about Robert McNamara (and yeah, I've seen The Fog of War)

  • WALL·E



    Maybe the robots are a little too human, but the storytelling is exceptional, and this is one dystopian film that isn't just trying to make you feel bad about the future of the planet while still making its point in an entertaining way. Would make a great double feature with Idiocracy.

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  • Know Your Enemy - Japan

    Know Your Enemy - Japan


    Five Came Back called Capra's anti-Jap documentary indefensible in the way it vilifies the enemy, but if you cut through the propaganda it offers an interesting history of Japan (with a focus on their cruel and warlike nature) and ironically ends its condemnation by telling us how Americans will be more victorious and more warlike than the Japanese could ever dream of.

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    Effective horror film that turns the jungle into a living hell, although the only real horror is what the arrogant Americans do to the natives, and the fake gore isn't nearly as distasteful as the plentiful real gore (all with animals). Very unseemly stuff.