No Name on the Bullet ★★★★

After High Noon westerns got all metaphorical for a while, and here we have another in that mold that's actually a pretty nice look at red scare paranoia. Perhaps what's most interesting is that the hero is a truly bad guy. Audie Murphy is a hired killer that shows up in town to murder someone - but who? The town goes nuts with accusations, back-stabbing, and it turns out lots of the town's rich and powerful have a past to hide from the gunslinger. It's a great concept - done well but not as well as it could be. Imagine Bogart in the lead with John Huston directing - that would be a darker, grittier movie. Audie Murphy's does a great job despite his boyish face. He plays evil by not playing anything at all. It's a subtle performance for a simple character. Worth watching? Yes! Worth remaking? Yes, more so than 3:10 to Yuma. Script by Howard Amacker (his only script) and Gene Coon (The Killers remake).