Nymphomaniac ★★★★

Another movie that pretends to be about atheists but is religious every step of the way, from the examination of sin, the confessional structure of the story, and the monastic (and celebate) priest-like character who knows a great deal about religion despite his lack of belief. Would the movie be any worse if it simply acknowledged the Christian/Catholic morality it's wrapped in, or would that kill it at the art house box office? Despite all the graphic sex and occasional violence, the story is very subdued and studied, and seems to cover the same ground explored in Catherine Breillat's 1999 movie Romance (another film with notable graphic sex). Perhaps the most interesting thing about this film is that in a world filled with porn, it's amusing to see art house filmmakers go out of their way to insist that the real actors aren't having sex - that either prosthetics or body doubles are used throughout. Society's delicate morals are still upheld.