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  • Nymphomaniac



    Another movie that pretends to be about atheists but is religious every step of the way, from the examination of sin, the confessional structure of the story, and the monastic (and celebate) priest-like character who knows a great deal about religion despite his lack of belief. Would the movie be any worse if it simply acknowledged the Christian/Catholic morality it's wrapped in, or would that kill it at the art house box office? Despite all the graphic sex and occasional…

  • Contact



    It's great to see Hollywood tackle a movie that's actually about science and scientists but the desperate need to add conflict ruins the movie, esp. James Woods' evil government military guy. It's also a movie that pretends to champion atheism when it actually ends up confirming faith - but what do you expect from one of Hollywood's most conservative filmmakers. The fact that Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey have zero chemistry (or anything in common as characters) doesn't help the…