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  • Minority Report

    Minority Report


    OK, I like it now. I've gotten used to all the silly stuff, dangling storylines, bad casting, and cop out ending, plus the movie looks great. Script by Scott Frank (Flight of the Phoenix, Interpreter) and Jon Cohen.

  • Millions



    One of the least condescending children's films I've ever seen. Extremely well made and imaginative and never once acting like anything but an adult film. It's even fairly avant-garde with it's storytellling. Top notch British stuff, worth seeing, esp. with the kids. Script by Frank Cottrell Boyce (24 Hour Party People).

  • Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

    Metallica: Some Kind of Monster


    MONSTER (2004) **
    Fascinating documentary and I’m not even much of a fan of the band (this could change that). Watch the band teeter on the edge of extinction only to be saved by... a mamby pamby sweater wearing therapist from Kansas City? Entertaining real life Spinal Tap.

  • Match Point

    Match Point


    The main character is terribly unlikable, the plot develops slowly, and there's not an ounce of humor anywhere. It seemed really long, and it's not like Crimes & Misdemeanors at all except thematically. Plus Emily Mortimer is as hot if not hotter than Scarlett Johansen, so the guy was not only a jerk but an idiot as well. The movie looks great though, and it's good to have Woody Allen out of his element working in London. It's like a new world has opened up for him - but it's a cold world. I just wish the main character had more soul.

  • The Matador

    The Matador


    Sucky script. No more hit man movies, please. History of Violence failed to find anything interesting to say about violence, Mr. & Mrs. Smith turned hit men (and women) into glossy action heroes, Munich's forced ambivalence and coolness onto its subject, and now we have a washed up hit man who doesn't have the heart to kill anymore. You wonder if the cinematic conversation on violence that began with Peckinpah has played itself out. Is there anything left to say? Matador…

  • Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

    Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World


    I thought it was hysterical, but it didn’t seem like the rest of the audience was having as much fun as we were. This is a terrific concept, and like most Albert Brooks movies, it runs out of steam before it’s over, but like most Albert Brooks movies, it makes you laugh a lot. There is one scene that might be one of the funniest bits Brooks has ever put on film. Written and directed by Brooks.

  • The Longest Yard

    The Longest Yard


    Caught this between bouts of turkey, and it's a pretty great story with sturdy, manly direction by Robert Aldrich. Burt Reynolds is great, but how scary is Eddie Albert? I mean really? Script by Tracy Keenan Wynn (The Drowning Pool, The Deep).

  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


    Everyone seems pretty lukewarm to this movie, but I thought it was kinda brilliant. Maybe it's because I felt Tannebaums was a too shallow, and this one is equally shallow, but it's also more stylized, tells a pretty original and crazy story, and Bill Murray gives a more interesting performance than Gene Hackman (did I just type that?) Anyway I thought it was much better and I loved it. Worth watching. Script by director Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach (Squid and the Whale).

  • L'Eclisse



    Some might say Antonioni films are boring because of their lack of overt narrative, cool emotions, and reliance on internal conflict, and I might agree if it weren't for the masterful use of mise-en-scene and outstanding photography. Antonioni is fascinated by spaces and the movie is little more than the urban landscapes, decorated dwellings, and hectic work places that the characters drift through with their impermanent and insignificant lives. The ending beautifully poetic. A fantastically modern film for 1962. A real treat if you know what you're getting into. Script by Antonioni and Tonino Guerra.

  • The Last Hurrah

    The Last Hurrah


    Spencer Tracy and John Ford together? Here John Ford steps out of his mold and channels Frank Capra to deliver a terrific Irish companion to Woman of the Year. It's one of the best performances I've seen from Tracy. He's the mayor of an unnamed New England town running for re-election. The people love him or hate him and make no bones about it. There are dozens - DOZENS - of amazingly well drawn and colorful characters, something Ford (and…

  • Kill!



    One of the best samurai movies I've seen. Based on the same novel as Kurosawa's Sanjuro, but with more humor, fun characters, and Morricone-styled music. I have to see Sanjuro again to compare. If you like this kinda stuff, you'll love this movie.

  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

    Throw together Indiana Jones and James Bond, add a dash of John Woo, make it as stupid as humanly possible, and you’ve got Tomb Raider. Passable entertainment for 8-15 year olds, but only if they think Sean Connery and Harrison Ford are too old for them. Movies like this - even Raider of the Lost Ark - only get made to highlight masterful action sequences, but there are NONE in this movie. And does anyone else think movie titles are…