Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

First off, I have the biggest boner for giant monster movies. Ever since I was 6 I've always loved them. I absolutely loved the 2014 Godzilla movie but it definitely left me wanting more, so when I heard that a sequel plus a shared cinematic universe with Kong was being made I knew I would get what I want and got even more hyped, especially since the 2014 Godzilla originally had NO sequel or cinematic universe planned until after it had successful opening weekend.

Now onto Kong:
Kong himself had WAY more screen time than Godzilla had in his movie, so that made me happy. I feel the movie itself didn't drag, there weren't any parts that ran on for too long. The beginning was extremely close to dragging on but got exciting at just the right time. There was defiantly a different tone in this movie as apposed to Godzilla and that isn't a bad thing, it gives the shared universe some variety. There are parts in the movie where there is some comic relief with a character saying something silly. This is where I sorta compare it to a Marvel MCU movie; an action film with little comedic parts put in. John C Rielly defiantly is the comedic side of this movie but the other character do there part too.
I like how they incorporate the 1933 with the film, a little nod to the year the original King Kong movie came out, John C. Reilly mentions that a ship he lives in on the island got stranded there about 10 years before he got there (in 1944). That's what seems to happen with reboots in movies like this. Godzilla 2014 & 2016 are reboots and both mention the year 1954 (release year of the original Godzilla) in some way. I personally like nods like that to the classics. 
The creatures on the island were very cool but I would've liked to have seen dinosaurs but I was happy with the monsters we got. Speaking of nods to the classics, I liked when Kong briefly fought that octopus like he did in 1933.  The final fight was so cool. A part of me wanted Kong to do his signature jaw breaking finishing move and a part of me didn't. I liked how they went in a different direction with his finishing move and made it something different. I would've been happy with either outcome.
In conclusion this was a fun monster movie. Yes, there were parts that needed tweaking but I was happy with what I saw. These types of movies are NOT for everyone. I feel they are made for giant monster movie fans and get a looked at differently from mainstream movie goers. Being a person who has been watching giant monster movies from all decades since the age of 6 I'm thrilled that I live in a time where the genre is making somewhat of a comeback and with the big budget special effects I always wanted to see. Yes the "guy in a rubber suit" kaiju movie are always great stuff but I also like the CGI stuff too and now that CGI kaiju movies are getting made by big budget studios it's a dream come true, I personally hate the CG monsters in the Asylum movies that run on SyFy Channel (no offense to the people who like those movies, I personally don't care for them). So if your looking for a fun monster movie that doesn't take itself too seriously, you'll enjoy Kong: Skull Island. And if your as big as a kaiju nerd as I am you'll snap your IMAX glasses in excitement when the after credit scene plays!!