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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street


    Freddy Krueger hasn't been a figure of menace for a long time, so it was really pleasantly surprising to find that the originator of this franchise is legitimately creepy with inventive kills, great atmosphere and a credibly threatening villain.

    Also boasts one of the best slasher characters ever- Nancy, whose character has a great arc and is wonderfully played by Heather Langenkamp- as well as one of the worst- Glen, who is completely useless and managed to increase my enmity for Johnny Depp.

  • Gia



    Injects overwrought melodrama in a story that wasn't lacking it to begin with. The final result is a disappointing grimdark experience that's almost wholly carried by a charismatic Angelina Jolie. Dishonorable mention for the kinda-terrible score that's interrupted by period-appropriate pop not nearly often enough.

    I really didn't expect to dislike 'Angelina Jolie as a lesbian supermodel' this much but here we are.

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  • Broken Blossoms

    Broken Blossoms


    I'm unfortunately someone who has trouble connecting fully with silent films. With that being said this one struck me as engaging and cinematic in spite of being almost a century(!) old. Lillian Gish is electrifying, and the production design is something else

  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    The Passion of Joan of Arc


    An astonishingly modern masterwork of silent cinema. Renee Falconetti's defining performance here lives up to the hype; it is one of the most purely accomplished I've had the privilege of witnessing. Her incredible ability to convey emotion often using nothing but her facial expressions, combined with Dreyer's innovative utilization of close-ups and low-angle shots, creates a singularly claustrophobic and overwhelming experience.