eros the bittersweet

Sappho begins with a sweet apple and ends in infinite hunger.

As Sokrates tells it, your story begins the moment Eros enters you. That incursion is the biggest risk of your life. How you handle it is an index of the quality, wisdom, and decorum of the things inside you. As you handle it you come into contact with what is inside you, in a sudden and startling way. You perceive what you are, what you lack, what you could be.

  • Mulholland Drive
  • Ritual
  • Blue
  • The Handmaiden
  • That Day, on the Beach
  • Trouble Every Day
  • A Snake of June
  • Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion
  • Possession
  • The Holy Mountain
  • Night Tide
  • Solaris
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Branded to Kill
  • Zigeunerweisen
  • Kagero-za
  • Memento Mori
  • Je, tu, il, elle
  • 1001 Nights
  • Eros + Massacre
  • Belle de Jour
  • The Color of Pomegranates