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you might know me as the gal who was once a mantis lego man 🏳️‍⚧️

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  • Io Capitano

    Io Capitano


    A rather bleak refugee tale from skilled filmmaker Matteo Garrone. This film has very tense moments of danger and excellent commentary on the exploitation immigrant lives through capitalism. The are emotionally effective moments as well. Love the visual design with a very naturalistic approach, some gorgeous sweeping shots of deserts and rural Senegal slash Morocco, great blocking from the actors. The performances are strong overall - Seydou Sarr especially.

    The score isn’t super memorable but is used appropriately. I will…

  • Transfinite


    I love the idea here, getting a bunch of trans folk to create and star in an omnibus of short films involving more trans and queer folk. 

    Unfortunately, basically every short feels like the weaker ones of a bunch of local film festival shorts. These shorts do at least feel authentic to the issues and feelings thet cover. The most effective is one titled Nova but even that has a lot about it that doesn’t work - I think the approach…

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    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


    Indiana Jones and the Rise of Skywalker

  • Elemental


    Cookie cutter forbidden romance with some very undercooked characters. Bad script. Lamely predictable. About two fun chase sequences, first act is especially boring. Overlong, edit it better. Zootopia with less engaging characters and more on-the-nose anti-xenophobia messages. Some interesting concepts but the world is very inconsistent in how the elements react and things just don’t make sense beyond the formulaic chemistry.