Kes ★★★★

Lower income South Yorkshire youth slice of life. An unfortunate life filled with demeaning and abusive adults, honestly bullies of all ages. The namesake human pet connection wasn’t as prominently featured as I expected, but in some ways, this is a very comforting film reminding me of my youth - the gorgeous nature shots and naturalistic acting all around aided this asset, but the film is more so a sad film against corporal punishment. Grest representation of the working class and dealing with family issues of older sibling abuse and a not very understanding but hard working mom. Dai Bradley is phenomenal in the central role. Small roles are memorable, like the PoS gym teacher, living his glory through winning an easy game and beating kids. I knew too many teachers like that, thankfully not to that harsh extent. The end is fantastic, some parts almost drag in the middle in repetition. Loved the score and music used.

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