Fantasy Island ★★★

Here's the thing about this movie, my opinion over it changes drastically from part to part throughout the movie. The beginning of this movie was so bad that I almost wanted to turn it off. But as the "fantasies" progressed I really enjoyed them especially when the big twist was being slowly revealed.

I thought Lucy Hale's performance was much better then her performance in "Truth Or Dare" and despite me not liking the ending (more on that later) I still liked how it was seeming to reveal especially on the subtle hints it gave as the movie progressed.

Overall, the characters seemed developed enough. I enjoyed most of their "fantasies" with the only two characters I didn't care for being Brax (Jimmy O. Yang) and J.D (Ryan Hansen). The rest of the cast did a very nice job especially Gwen's Actress (Maggie Q).

While the setup for this movie failed in almost every way, I thought the fantasies and most of the third act was very enjoyable. The way it set up was very nice and I thought the twist ending ALMOST worked. Not going to spoil what the twist ending but what the twist ending was, worked very well. My problem with the ending was the outcome of what happened and the motivation behind it. That's all I'm going to say about that without trying to spoil too much of it but that's just what I thought about it.

I was very surprised that this was a Blumhouse movie and in that sense, this definitely is at the bottom for what should've been expected from a Blumhouse project. The advertisements were particularly misleading and while I still enjoyed the movie, it was definitely not what I was expecting.

Even as a horror movie it fails since it really didn't have any suspense or really any horror elements to it.

While there were a lot of things I disliked about this movie, there were definitely a good amount of things that I genuinely enjoyed. Like I mentioned earlier, the third act was mainly enjoyable and I really enjoyed some of the stuff that they had there. I just wished there was a bit more of that then the unnecessary stuff that we got in the beginning.

Overall though, I'm not sure completely if I recommend this one since it definitely wasn't what I expected. And considering most people didn't enjoy this one, I'm not sure if it's worth watching but I enjoyed parts it so you might as well.

~Ranked [2020]~