Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

Spider-man: Far From Home is another really great and fun addition to the legacy of the MCU. It's not a flawless film but when it delivers it delivers big. I also found it head and shoulders better than the first film.

Jon Watts returns to direct after helming Spider-Man: Homecoming and does pretty good. I'm still not overly impressed with him as a director. The first half of this movie has a pretty slow pace. It's a combination of being to slow and also being jumbled together. There isn't a good flow to the first half as some scenes feel very unnecessary and rushed. He does do action scenes brilliantly but I don't feel like he gives enough time for character moments to breathe. Don't get me wrong he shows that skill a few times like the scene between Peter and Happy on the plane, but it's not consistent. He seems very determined to go for the joke even if it can ruin an emotional impact in a scene.

All of those complaints wash away in the second half of the film though. If he brought this level of quality to the entire film I would be singing his praises right now. There is a scene that happens between Peter and Quentin and the second Peter walks out of that scene the movie takes off and never stops. It is a fantastic movie from that point on. Literally, the character interactions, the action, the humor, the pace is all perfection.

I do want to praise the action scenes alittle more. The action scenes with Mysterio are jaw dropping and some of the most impressive things the MCU has done visually thus far. The Spider-Man action scenes are just as good as they are in Spiderman 2. Peter has a moment in the finale when he really focuses and it's pretty badass and emotional.

Tom Holland proves that he's the best in the role once again. He is so incredible in this movie it is hard to imagine him giving up this mantle anytime soon. Zendaya was also a big plus for me. I totally bought their romance and the chemistry they shared was through the roof. I think we got more to her character that made her so much more likable from the obnoxiously weird and mean girl in the first film. Sam Jackson was fine. I was getting really annoyed with Nick Fury in this movie actually. He came off like a major dick. Like, more than usual. It makes sense in the end but I think I'm ready for him to not be in these movies anymore. Cobie Smulders continues to exist.

Jake Gylenhaal is where the magic happens though. Again, in the first half I thought he was good but not what I expected from someone of his caliber. But then then that turning point happens in the film and he runs away with this movie. I can honestly say that his performance is why the character of Mysterio works so well. Majority of other actors couldn't pull this off and he does it beautifully.

I can honestly say that the mid post-credits scene is my favorite post credits scene the MCU has ever done. All for the reasons you would expect if you have seen the movie already (I want to talk spoilers so bad) but also because it is the true ending of the film. The scene completely changes how you leave the theater. It's a brilliant tease for the next film and the execution was perfect.

Overall, Spider-Man: Far From Home is a really strong and entertaining summer movie. Where it lacks in its execution in the first half it makes up for in spades with the second half and is damn near flawless. I do wonder how much my experience will change rewatching this and knowing where it leads. I found myself being won over by the movie as it went along and by the end I can say that I do love it and cant wait to see it again.

Best Scene: I know that post credits scene is phenomenal but the first scene where we really get a taste for Mysterios powers is breathtaking and one of my top 5 scenes in all of the MCU.

P.S Reviewing and talking about this movie without spoilers is really hard.

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