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  • Vice



    I tried my best to stay longer than 1 hour but just couldn't physically stay awake. If you watch & read the news as frequently as I do, i.e. once every 6 years, and know absolute zero about American politics, this film is like listening to Mandarin Chinese. 3.5* as I could see from the first hour that the performances are extraordinarily good and everyone in the cast pretty much outdoes themselves.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    It's not that I didn't like this film but I think people seek for very different things in cinema and I'm the seeker of an emotion; it's the single most important thing that I want out of every film. This one of course had excellent performances, stellar costume design (it's Sandy Powell, what else could you expect), top notch cinematography (again...Robbie Ryan and that says everything) but I couldn't shake off the feeling that this is "intellectual" type of cinema…

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  • On Body and Soul

    On Body and Soul


    Brilliant films don't need much commenting and "On Body And Soul" is one of them. No amount of writing and reviewing would convey the emotion that can only be experienced by going to cinema and watching it. It's a work of art which somehow manages to conceal all its technical aspects (even though they are flawless) and make it seem like we are watching an excerpt from Ildiko Enyedi's imagination.

    One could argue that the film has at least several…

  • mother!



    I'd be curious to find out what went on in the head of some Paramount executive when he greenlit this film; I'd also be willing to hear the point to it as I didn't see any. It's not that I found this film bad, it's simply absurd and there's no message or meaning to it - it's just a very average piece of entertainment for the sake of a quick effect and shocking people. It left me with absolutely nothing…