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  • NH10



    A vicious one-long-night attack and revenge film that is shockingly violent for an Indian production and doesn't skimp on the cultural complexities. It's a little sloppily directed, but the tight script makes up for it.

  • Bullet Head

    Bullet Head


    I never thought I'd tear up watching a Reservoir Dogs riff produced by Millenium films that starred Adrien Brody, John Malkovich and a Culkin brother...

    The 'Everyone gets a very long monologue' structure gets tiring after a while, but Paul Sollet has a great eye and everything feels very deliberately constructed, especially when it kicks into its chase filled climax.

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  • ManHunt



    John Woo's MANHUNT is the craziest film he's made since Hard Boiled. In terms of style, it may be the Wooiest thing that ever Wooed, a throw back to the kind of films he would toss off as a lark in the 80's, distilled to its barest essence, with a script seemingly made up as they went along (in classic Hong Kong style). The fact that it looks like every other crummy digital Chinese blockbuster, and is filled with badly…

  • Headshot



    Headshot is half NC-17 Jackie Chan film and half Chang Cheh climax. All killer. No filler. For a film that's so ridiculously violent, Iko Uwais surprisingly gets to show a real charming side of himself that is missing from THE RAID films.