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  • Mute



    I was on the fence for half an hour, but once I came to terms that it was not a Blade-Runne esque action story (Altered Carbon ticks that box) and was instead a low-key gumshoe story that is principally interested in filling out its world with goofy details, I found it pretty endearing. The biggest roadblock is that while Sasgardd is solid as the titular silent protagonist looking for his lost love, Rudd and Theroux are so sleazily engaging, that…

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


    The best amusement park ride in town.

    That's also super racist.

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  • ManHunt



    John Woo's MANHUNT is the craziest film he's made since Hard Boiled. In terms of style, it may be the Wooiest thing that ever Wooed, a throwback to the kind of films he would toss off as a lark in the 80's, distilled to its barest essence, with a script seemingly made up as they went along (in classic Hong Kong style). The fact that it looks like every other crummy digital Chinese blockbuster, and is filled with badly accented…

  • Wolf Warrior 2

    Wolf Warrior 2


    Insanely action packed, hilariously melodramatic and dedicated to numbing you to the sight of innocent people being gunned down. Just when you think "They aren't going to kill anymore African bystanders are they?" you get to watch fifty more retreating bodies brutally riddled with bullets.

    Moment later, Wu Jing catches a rocket with a bed frame.

    The Best Canon Film not made by Canon since OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN