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  • The Forest of the Lost Souls

    The Forest of the Lost Souls


    A meditative art horror film that pulls a fun twist half-way through and kinds of meanders with pretty images until it reaches a cynically telegraphed end.

    It lists "Fight Rehearsals" on the back of the Blu-Ray box. This got me excited. It's just some physical scenes. Damn.

  • HauntedWeen




    FINAL EXAM for the Halloween season!

    A bunch of bros and ladies spend a lot of time hanging out. They go on a boat, they have a party, they visit an abandoned house, say "Yikes. Looks dangerous. We shouldn't hang out here." and proceed to party some more.

    Eventually, and I mean a last fifteen minutes of the film EVENTUALLY, the killer literally gives them the keys to his spookhouse, so…

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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    The film starts with a TRIGGER WARNINGS joke. Oof.

    Politically all over the place and tonally repugnant. The film is about the horrors of mob violence and it goosed our audience to scream "KILL! KILL! KILL!" at one point.

    I'm a white dude, so it's not really my place to say this, but it kinda felt uncomfortable watching another white dude make a film about the complexities of being a young woman that revels in mentally and physically abusing them until it switches into a heavy-handed "ISN'T THIS VIOLENCE KEWL!?" finale.

  • ManHunt



    John Woo's MANHUNT is the craziest film he's made since Hard Boiled. In terms of style, it may be the Wooiest thing that ever Wooed, a throwback to the kind of films he would toss off as a lark in the 80's, distilled to its barest essence, with a script seemingly made up as they went along (in classic Hong Kong style). The fact that it looks like every other crummy digital Chinese blockbuster, and is filled with badly accented…