Heartland of Darkness

Heartland of Darkness ★★★½

A reporter moves into a small town and discovers EVERYONE IS A SATANIST. Features an altar "Made of bones of newborn babies sacrificed to Satan for his gift of power, and the hope of his gift of strength."

BLOOD CHURCHis most famous for being an unreleased film and has finally been unleashed on Blu-ray under the title HEARTLAND OF DARKNESS (Its original title was FALLEN ANGELS) by the tremendous Visual Vengeance label (After years of people trying, including Jim Wynorski), and the result is... Pretty solid! It's a little long in the tooth, and the set pieces sometimes leave something to be desired, but the way it goes off the rails in the finale put a smile on my face (It's got about seven endings), and Nick Baldasare (Star of BEYOND DREAM'S DOOR) gives an all-out hammtastic performance as the leader of the cult. Like most movies from this period, Linnea Quigley is barely in it.

Things made a lot of sense when I learned that the film was started as a thesis film by the director and his classmate pals after being inspired by seeing fellow Ohioan Jay Woefel's BEYOND DREAM'S DOOR - who ended up doing the score for the final release of HEARTLAND - which proves things can come right around.

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