The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★★

Maybe the best sequel ever made?

It takes everything THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is famous for, amplifies it, and twists those elements in interesting ways that somehow go through similar motions, but never feel like a rehash, because they are intelligent reactions to the perception and legacy of the original.

The sexual subtext that launched a thousand essays? In this one, Leatherface holds the chainsaw between his legs and the protagonist talks him to climax.

The screaming final girl? Here, she's pro-active and is the driving force to her own escape.

Off-screen violence? Now it's in your face, executed by one of the most famous make-up men ever, and far bloodier than you could ever imagine.

The humour that some thought was bad filmmaking? The sequel amps it up to 11 just to show you it's in on the joke.

The documentary feel of the original that Hooper never really intended? TEXAS 2 is stylized with an inch of its life and features primary-coloured lighting up the wazoo.

The accusation that MASSACRE was just a carnival spook ride? Well, now half of the sequel takes place in what looks exactly like a haunted house attraction with skeletons dangling from the ceiling.

It's no surprise that audiences reacted with disgust, but Tobe Hooper gave them exactly what they needed. Just look at TEXAS CHAINSAW 3 to see how a formula that's inherent in the circumstances of its creation can't be replicated.