Tenet ★★★★½

My second viewing, watched how Nolan intended: on my laptop, with one earphone full of movie audio and one AirPod full of The Big Picture’s Watchalong Commentary Pod. Since I spent my first viewing studying subtitles and mining quick rewinds for every puzzle-unlocking clue, this viewing was probably more in line with most people’s theater experience: basically a sensory exercise, with a general sense of what was happening and a heavy focus on vibes. And guess what? Movie still rocks so stupidly hard. Felt a little silly naming this my favorite movie of 2020, but viewing two reminded me I was right and the world was wrong. Best movie of 2020 by an Elizabeth Debicki mile

Two and a half hours, and there’s not a single boring inch of this film. It walks like Bond, sounds like space candy, looks like luxury. It could be a silent movie and rock, it could be viewed in reverse and rock, it could be in French with no subtitles and rock. It’s pure imagination on a titanic scale, no icebergs in sight (inverted icebergs are just candles or something anyways, who cares). Every frame is silk; wrap me in it and bury me a happy man

Leaving it at a 9/10 for now because I was distracted by the (very fun) commentary pod so I’ll leave the inevitable bump to a 10/10 for a future viewing, but this 9/10 might as well be an 11/10 or a 15/10, there are no rules when you live in a twilight world

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