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  • The Endless

    The Endless


    It'd be a misnomer to call this a horror about cults, or anything to do with cults really, beyond questions of religion and fate and higher powers and how deeply we are willing to sacrifice our life and-time- to them.

    Instead it's a very meta thriller that plays like an exposition or a story outside a story...instead of a story within a story...okay this makes sense. Bear with me.

    Imagine you told a story about two men, best friends, and…

  • Bao



    Best movie of 2018 and it's only 8 minutes long. Go see Incredibles 2 just for this alone. It'll be worth it even if you don't stay for the main movie.

    I cried.

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  • Absolutely Anything

    Absolutely Anything


    October Scavenger Hunt 31:

    Task 12: A film featuring friendly aliens

    Okay so the aliens aren't that friendly, except to each other, but it's a comedy and the aliens are funny so I'll let it pass.

    Absolutely Anything is like Bruce Almighty except that God is replaced by aliens, Simon Pegg is the man with ultimate powers, and the movie is British. Or even better, what if Bruce Almighty had been a script written by a drunk Douglas Adams


  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Read Peter Coffin's Custom Reality and You instead

    (i haven't actually seen the movie yet, but I kinda don't really want to, the book is terrible. I liked/loved it the first time i read, bought the book, read it a few more times, and have just come to be underwhelmed and even offended by some of the narrative and character choices as my worldview has changed.

    When I read Armada I was deeply disappointed from the start.

    This movie, based…