The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans ★★★★

“Family, art. It will tear you in two.”

The trailer brought me to tears multiple times, so understandably I had probably the biggest expectations for a film since 2019. A movie about making movies, and what art can mean to someone. It’s very good, great in some moments (Judd Hirsch’s fantastic speech). But I can’t scratch this feeling that there’s something missing. It’s just a little inconsistent as some parts feel too detached from the rest of the film. But you can so clearly feel the passion of this work. By far the films best quality. Everyone can find something that resonates with them.
Also, Spielberg essentially calling John Ford the best filmmaker of all time sent chills down my spine, he knows film.

“Life’s nothing like the movies, Fabelman.”
“Maybe not, but hey, in the end you got the girl.”

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