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  • Annihilation



    We need more movies like this.

    Watched it with Dad. I don't know if he likes it or not.

  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


    I admired the concept of an interactive movie. It sounds ambitious, unique & experimental, and it is. But I didn't enjoy the experience of it as much as I initially expected. I didn't feel any strong emotions, going through this. I felt there's a massive disconnect between me and the film, mainly because of the intentionally disjointed narratives. I thought getting the "peak" ending wasn't really that satisfying. Going through choice after choice after choice isn't as satisfying as I first…

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  • Maniac



    Maniac Spoiler-Free Review

    I can actually hear Princess Carolyn in the new season of BoJack Horseman, speaking inside my mind
    as I watch Maniac,

    It's confusing, which means the show is daring and smart.

    Maniac is a new miniseries from Netflix that stars Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux, Sonoya Mizuno, Sally Field and Gabriel Byrne, and also the actor who played the idiot in Game Night - I forgot his name (it's Billy Magnussen). It's focused on two strangers…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    I'm tired of superhero movies. Every time I see a new installment of the MCU or the DCEU being announced, there's a very low chance of me getting hyped over it. I just think I already saw what they wanted audiences like myself to see. I mean, I'll still see the new ones, but I doubt they will be memorable. So why would I get excited with a film of a specific genre whose bread and butter looked and tasted…