Your Name.

Your Name. ★★½

Part of Luis Anthony's "Film Twitter Hall of Fame #4: International Cinema"

For me it's incomplete, unbalanced. The plot is fine but the film is not at all perfect. Two years was not enough."

This is what Makoto Shinkai exactly said after Your Name was released and was given critical acclaim by audiences and critics alike. And despite how visually gorgeous the animation is, the story isn't good at the slightest bit. It tends to skim over the interesting parts with the use of montages and voiceovers. I find it so disinterested in the film's own characters and their relationships when the film doesn't even dedicate more time to properly build up everything. When the sudden shift in the middle of the film happens, I thought it's gonna get better. But instead, everything felt weird, messy and just plain silly. The "romance" isn't even believable, and considering how much Taki fondles Mitsuha's breasts every time he's in her body, it's awkward and forced. Anyway, Your Name seems like a series of concepts that are cool on paper but have never fully come to fruition. I expected more, but this is just wasted potential.

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