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  • Mommy



    This film feels so personal to me it’s insane..

    I understood every word of the Quebec Lingo since I was raised in Laval like Steve.. I grew up around these kids and one of my best friends was exactly like him, it feels like Xavier Dolan transported me as this ghost around the lives of my families’ friends which I never knew.

    The house seen in this movie is the exact same model where my grandma resides. I felt like…

  • A Brighter Summer Day

    A Brighter Summer Day


    what do the lightbulbs mean 😰😰

    This film could be seen over 100 times and the ending will astonish you. The ending will make you question your faith in humanity and life, because in every watch, there are so many topics or themes that occurs; which allows ourselves to think and question a different interpretation.Β 

    It is by far the most detailed film I have seen, as it is constructed like a novel. I could explain this film for over…