Little Women

Little Women ★★★★★

Every once in a while you'll stumble across a film that makes you feel every possible emotion during it’s runtime. You'll catch yourself having a stupid grin on your face, but starting to cry in the very next moment. You have prepared yourself to watch it - being way too over-excited and this makes you feel worried that you're setting yourself up for disappointment, because you hyped it up for months and months but thankfully it turns out to be even better than you have imagined and this makes you want to watch it a hundred more times.

"Little Women" is a movie, so beautiful and celebratory and exuberant in a way every film should be. I guess I've never been in love with anything as much as I am with this. Greta created something to hold on to and cherish forever. This story covers it's audiences like a warm blanket for generations now and comforts you in the most comfortable way, but this new version adds so much more to Louisa May Alcotts own life, in a way I never thought could be pulled off. But Greta Gerwig did. Because she is a mastermind. And because her movies create this special fluffy feeling that makes you want to revisit them whenever you want to be fully immersed by cinema and art and the power they can hold. This movie empowers me, makes me wanna write and create myself and is just a gift to us all. I'm just utterly speechless and all I can say is a big 


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