Nomadland ★★★★

The tender rising of the morning and the approach of a new day, on the way to new experiences and adventures. Always new acquaintances and impressions accompany you on the way to find new work, while time goes on and on. While you drive in your car through the landscapes of the canyons and the vastness of the wasteland, you see the world pass you by - it's getting winter and before you know it the first flowers are blooming again.

Frances McDormand's Fern goes through this repetitive cycle, driving through the lands of America as a so-called nomad with her belongings stowed away in her vehicle.What is the meaning of life? How does one truly find happiness without being a resident in a home? Chloe Zhao deals with these and many other questions, anecdotes and emotions in her exemplary film "Nomadland", creating images that will stay with you for a long time. A journey that opens your eyes and lets you find the center to your own being.

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