Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

"Your parents must be very proud of you being a doctor".
"Well actually they wanted me to be a DJ".

- - -

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I'm just in awe. In awe of Carey Mulligans breathtaking performance (felt like she was my Harley Quinn) and also of one the strongest debuts I saw in quite some time. Emerald Fennell is a revelation and I don't know how she crafted such a brilliant film.

This has been the first movie in a while that let me go from excitement into pure speechlessness in the span of it's runtime.
It managed to clear a path into my brain, befuddle my senses and make my whole being quiver. "Promising Young Woman" is uncompromising, raw and simply extraordinary.

How long has it been since a film played with my expectations so much? Every time I thought in which direction it was going, the plot pulled the rug out from under me and shocked me again and again. An antithesis to exactly what you'd expect from such a plot and even though I'm aware that some people are unhappy with the ending, it rounded out the overall package for me. It's a punch in the gut, but the pain is deserved. I'm glad Emerald Fennell took the plunge and created such an original ending that deviates on all sides from anything one would have wanted or expected for the characters. It's like the real life - gritty and sad. Wish we didn't live in this type of world but sadly we do.

You think on the surface you might get to see a fun revenge story with comedy moments, but the reality and the statements of the plot make you choke on laugh. And in the end you have to face the sad truth that there is usually no absolute justice when you've been sexually assaulted. But one should always fight to be heard.

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