Rocketman ★★★★★

watched this at an advanced screening

For me, "Rocketman" by Dexter Fletcher was THE feel good movie of the year so far! Electric, sparkly and colorful - exactly how I wanted the film to be. They used such an creative way to tell little story elements through songs and that's what made it really captivating. This magical realism fantasy really fitted to the singer and was the perfect way to tell Elton's life in a two hour run time - it never tangles up in it's haywired cosmos instead it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering of what's coming next.

But besides all these fantastic directional choices Taron Egerton still shines in his best performance to date. He is the real deal, the heart of this movie and captures the spirit of the beloved musical diva near flawlessly, which lets you enjoy this wild ride even more.

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