The Father

The Father ★★★★½

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I don't know what kind of magician Florian Zeller is, but what he has created with "The Father" is not only one of the best scripts I have ever seen, but also a story for the ages. All the emotions, knick knacks and statements he makes in this (and it really must be titled like that) masterpiece are so truthful, that they rip your heart out of your chest. A film has been created that takes your breath away at all times and doesn't let you go, and at the same time seems so real that probably everyone can sympathise with the main character Anthony, but also later with his daughter and the other relatives. The first film about an illness where you don't just look down on the person affected from the outside, but also experience the events from his point of view. No words can do "The Father" justice, neither to sum up Anthony Hopkins tour de force of acting, nor how scary the film is.

The best horror film of the year that is simply about real life. Anthony Hopkins in his best role and with the best performance this year. And not to forget Olivia Colman, probably Glenn Close's biggest nemesis, who once again proves that she is superior.

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