Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

If your favorite romantic comedy isn't simultaneously a four-hour-long nuanced dramatic epic detailing the relationship between religion and sexuality (with copious amounts of blood), then I'm afraid you just have bad taste.
Seriously, I have never seen something so insane and unhinged with such meticulous, detailed direction. There's just so much chaos going on, but it is all structured perfectly. The film looks beautiful too.
It certainly helps that the cast is phenomenal as well. Takahiro Nishijima is amazing of course but so is literally everyone else. Even the smallest roles stand out.
This film is just so incredibly complex, with such interesting concepts and ideas. You can go in trying to take it seriously or go in not taking it seriously at all and be satisfied either way. The best method of viewing, at least in my opinion, is trying to do both at once. That's when you can truly see the absurdity of these characters, their actions, dreams, and beliefs.
It's extremely detailed for its huge scope, and absolutely hilarious as well. I just love it.

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