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  • Seconds



    Seconds is paranoia incarnate and a masterclass in experimental cinema. Like all great science fiction it asks the important questions, tackles high concept ideas and challenges our perceptions of these through thought provoking 'what-if?' scenarios.

    The sixties was the decade of the avant-garde, radical change and innovation in so many aspects of life, including cinema. John Frankenheimer's adaption of David Ely's novel is ludicrously ahead of its time, thanks in large part to James Wong Howe's groundbreaking cinematography. The tilted…

  • Amour



    Amour is a profound and devastating chamber piece of a film that reflects on the rare kind of love that transcends explanation or rationality and takes a lifetime to reach. Cinema romances are often centred on first love, young love, marriages or old flames but rarely do they depict such all-weathering, mature and fully realised relationships such as the one portrayed here.

    Haneke's trademark static camera setups, with long takes of daily life and lingering shots of empty rooms can…

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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    Theatrical cut.

    Michael Mann makes stylish crime dramas, rarely deviating from this tried and tested genre. You could argue he's a little one-note in this regard, but it begs the question, if you were this good at something, would you care about being pigeonholed?

    Mann brings the tropics to life using digital photography that is gritty, unpolished and deeply visceral, with crushed blacks and pastel hues that might not be cinematic in the traditional sense, but jump off the screen…

  • Au Hasard Balthazar

    Au Hasard Balthazar


    A deeply spiritual yet thoroughly restrained parable from French autuer Robert Bresson that is an obvious allegory for the Christian faith.

    Balthazar is shown as nothing more or less than a donkey, which Bresson makes clear by not even slightly anthropomorphising him. We cannot know his emotions, thoughts or feelings because he is just a simple creature. He experiences pain, cruelty and kindness, as we all do in life and his complete lack of power over the events that surround…