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  • The Naked Prey

    The Naked Prey


    Actors-turned directors make the most interesting of films, the experience of being in front of the camera gives them unusual insights once behind it.

    Cornel Wilde's The Naked Prey is quick to assert itself as a no nonsense survival thriller in which a white hunter in colonial era Africa is hunted down by a local tribe. That's pretty much the plot in its entirety, what entails is a fantasy so perverse it overlooks usual conventions like character drama, dialogue and…

  • Pigs and Battleships

    Pigs and Battleships


    Five features in and Shōhei Imamura produced his first great film, a gruesome, nihilist Yakuza thriller that is by far the most entertaining, stylish and politically provocative of all his early films at Nikkatsu.

    Set in the coastal city of Yokosuka during its post-war occupation by US naval forces, there is strong resentment of both America's intervention and Japan's compliance, the city becomes a literal pigsty during the incredible finale that borders on farcical, with pigs running through the streets,…

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  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    Incoherent, maddening, flawed, frustrating and ruthlessly cutting edge–basically everything I want from an Orson Welles film and I wouldn't have it any other way. The Hollywood auteur's final film has been in development hell for forty or so years, having been left uncompleted after his death and stuck behind legal barriers until finally being assembled with the help of Netflix, so whilst not strictly Welles' final vision it adheres closely to what he would have wanted and besides, it isn't…

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    The Final Cut. Cinema City, Norwich.

    Tonight my dream came true. Blade Runner on the big screen. Every time I watch it it's a different experience, there's something new that I didn't notice before, details emerge from the rain and smog that weren't apparent before. Hearing the reverberating sound that begins the film, I was immediately immersed in the tech-noir world of Los Angeles, 2019 and this followed by the opening shots of industrial cityscape sent chills down my spine,…