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  • The Last Waltz

    The Last Waltz


    How had I not seen this before? Martin Scorsese directs The Band's final concert in 1976 with a whole load of legendary guest musicians. Clapton, Dylan, Young, Diamond et al. are all on top form. Everyone, even Scorsese is high as a kite on coke and having an absolute blast, you can literally see a piece hanging from Neil Young's inflamed nostril as he sings a superb rendition of Helpless. What a time to be alive it must have been.…

  • Diary of a Lost Girl

    Diary of a Lost Girl


    The silent film was already a dying art in 1929, audiences rabidly demanded talkies so those filmmakers still adamantly making silent features were at an unfortunate disadvantage at the box office. This is my first experience of G. W. Pabst and Louise Brooks and whilst I didn't love Diary of a Lost Girl it nonetheless captivated me from start to finish.

    Pabst's film is almost anti-expressionist, the German movie industry had swiftly moved on from jaunty angles at that point,…

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  • Faust



    Murnau's last German film at UFA is a baroque and magisterial masterpiece of the silent era, a visually and technically beautiful blend of dreamlike fantasy and gothic horror that remains a timeless classic.

    Perhaps the biggest joy of Faust is the antiquated sets and costumes that, although clearly unrealistic to audiences today constitute a certain magical charm and celebration of filmmaking innovation. It's wonderful to be able to appreciate such meticulous craftsmanship, especially in the age of mindless CGI where…

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    Occasionally entertaining and entirely inconsequential, Solo: A Star Wars Story isn't a film, it isn't even a movie, it's a product, one that screams corporate more than any of the most recent Disney commissioned franchise extenders.

    Star Wars fans are among the most demanding and passionate in movie history, the colossal success of George Lucas' B-movie sci-fi trilogy has spurred an unquenchable thirst for more, for every character's past to be fully explored in numerous spin-off adventures. Now that Disney…