Paprika ★★★★

Paprika is another mind-bending and hallucinogenic anime from the boundless imagination of Satoshi Kon. Highly original, it blends fantasy and reality much in the same, seamless way that Perfect Blue did, though this time rather than psychological it melds the waking-life with dreams, involving technology that allows access to dreams, which draws inevitable comparisons toInception.

Visually stunning, it pushes the boundaries of what animation can be. Recreating this magic with live action just wouldn't be possible no matter how much money was poured into special effects. The animation is intricately detailed and gorgeously rendered. It has the tactility and style of a Studio Ghibli production but follows its own unique direction and ideas. The incorporation of 3D sets with hand drawn animation is like nothing I've seen before, unusual but brilliant.

The plot becomes more and more incomprehensible, to the point where it becomes a fruitless investment. Better to just enjoy the ride and incredible craftsmanship.

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