Tenet ★★★★

Even though, I have mostly seen horrid reviews for this film, I must admit that enjoyed it quite frankly. I felt like time had stopped while being in the theatre. I haven't experienced such an adrenaline rush in a long, long time, I kept wondering and trying to understand what was going on each and every passing second. I kept biting my nails and twisting my necklace in an awe of how much I wanted to see what was going on next. Just like most people, there were a few moments where I had no idea what was going on, but that gave some sort of a charming, interesting effect to the film. Is this Nolan's best film? I do not think so. Is it still a fine work of cinema? Surely!
I also adored the original score, in my opinion it brought a whole new dimension to the film, it was extraordinary.
I also wish to add that John David Washington's performance was brilliant, he portrayed such raw and realistic emotions (like always), so props to that.

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