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  • Shirkers



    The visual sense in this documentary was amazing, but I don't know if it totally had me as a narrative. It's very dreamy, with the vintage aesthetic and Sandi Tan's soft voice narrating, which is both to its credit and a little to its detriment, when it's trying to be sort of a true crime mystery. I think it is a really interesting story, and the movie that is its subject seems like it would have been great (the look…

  • Roma



    It's not my favorite Cuaron, or quite the rapture that I expected, but it's undeniably pretty fantastic. It's a slow burner, and works hard to disguise its plot inside of the naturalistic flow (figuratively and quite literally), but by the end I was definitely with it. The presiding thing about this movie is the sense of intimacy and immersion (again, figuratively and quite literally), which is what I feel distinguishes all of Cuaron's work. Somehow looking at the ocean in…

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  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper


    This was so distinctive, and not at all the wan arthouse affair I imagined.

  • Border



    A weird, original movie that earned its un certain regard prize. I appreciated it taking Gothic, fairy tale elements and telling a sensitive and humane story from them. But I think it was a very imperfect execution which needed more editing, because it felt like a pretty scattershot narrative with some scenes that were a lot more interesting than others, and a pretty pacey thriller in the mix that got buried under some of the less thrilling aspects.