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  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


    It was good! The ending is unsatisfying and some bits do drag a little, but overall a good new installment in the franchise. I obviously love the choreography and the colours, but I'm also fond of the ridiculous but also creative world building going on here. I just really appreciate that this series COMMITS to whatever weird idea it has, whether it is about imaginative weapons or the structure and culture of an assassin society.

    - I'm very happy…

  • When the Wind Blows

    When the Wind Blows


    Okay, I do feel a LITTLE bad about not liking this. I don't think it's objectively bad (I can see myself recommending it to people with slightly different tastes), but man it was not for me. Or at least, half of it wasn't. Much as I feel different about the objective quality of the film vs. my subjective experience, that pales in comparison with the difference on how I feel about the animation vs the writing.

    I did not care…

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  • Burn Burn Burn

    Burn Burn Burn


    For some reason I stopped writing reviews after logging films here? So now I'm trying to do sort of monthly movie wrap ups by going back and looking at which movies I feel like I have something to say about, which might work better for me personally. So anyway. AUGUST:

    I just knew me and this movie were going to get along from the very first scene, which made me laugh out loud while I was eating. Oops.

    This movie…

  • Shoplifters



    I know for sure that I have to see it again to truly formulate my thoughts in a more coherent, meaningful manner. This time, I was watching it thinking about vague spoilers I knew about the ending, wondering what was going on.
    This did not hinder my enjoyment at all, but the idea that the second viewing would be a quite different experience (though still an excellent one) makes it difficult to pinpoint what exactly I loved about this movie.…