Framing Britney Spears

Framing Britney Spears ★★★★

Left me saying "Gimme More"

However you slice it, Britney Spears is a feminist issue.

We really took one of our most talented performers, sexualized her from a young age, punished her for that sexualization, ritually humiliated her in headlines, and celebrated her downfall like it was a national passtime.
Then, a handful of people quietly took away her freedom, and for almost two decades, that reality has been completely ignored.

I started following the #FreeBritney movement almost immediately after its inception and it's one of those things that sounds tinfoil-hat-adjacent until you review literally any evidence. While this doc is rather surface level, it does an excellent job at both holding a mirror to the media's repugnant treatment of young Britney and exposing the unjust nature of her conservatorship.

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