Batman: The Killing Joke

Gonzo's 2016 Movie Rankings

Two words: Bat sex.

Two more words: BAD movie.

The Killing Joke is a controversial adaptation of Alan Moore's controversial graphic novel, but unlike the legendary comic it's based on, the film ends up being controversial for all the wrong reasons.

DC, you had one job and one heck of a source material—a story widely regarded as one of the greatest, not just in Batman lore, but in comic book history.

All you had to do was animate the thing, but no, you had to make it all about Batgirl instead of the "two guys in a lunatic asylum" and tack on a needless romantic subplot that no one wants to see, ultimately disrespecting the character of Barbara Gordon.

If there's one character in this story other than Batman that's deserving of an extended character arc, it's not Batgirl—it's the Joker. You wanted to make a Batgirl movie? You should've made a Batgirl movie. But this is called The Killing Joke, and you should've given the fans The Killing Joke, no bullshit attached.

Of all the people to choose from your employ to adapt such an influential and groundbreaking work, you chose the ones who clearly missed Moore and his novel's entire fucking point. (One of the most important points in the story is that Moore's Batman is not a killer. He doesn't want to hurt criminals, even the likes of the Joker, yet in the movie, he has no problem throwing one of the minions into a pit of spikes.)

One doesn't need to sit through all the misguided bloat to know that this adaptation is a failure. All one needs to do is fast-forward to the final frame—it isn't there.

Great job, DC. I didn't think you could possibly fuck it up two times in a row within a year—two adaptations of your greatest graphic novels, at that—but you did it. You fucked it up again. Congratulations.