Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ★★★★½

The Good: Exceptional animation; probably one of the most stunning animes I've ever seen. Impeccably framed compositions form some incredibly arresting imagery. Sound mixing and editing is also excellent. Very intriguing. Very surreal. Loaded with allusions of all sorts, ranging from biblical to psychological. Fantastic musical score. English dub isn't bad.

The Bad: Doesn't work too well as a standalone film. Might be too weird and confusing for those expecting your typical mecha anime movie.

The Bottom Line: This movie is fucking nuts. It's like something from the mind of a madman with many, many issues. I hated it at first (which is most likely because I haven't seen the series yet), but I immediately warmed up to it after thinking about it. The End of Evangelion is oddly captivating and brimming with imagination and depth unlike any other animated film out there. Worth a look.