The Predator ★★½

► Lots of jokes and quips. Probably more than one would like or expect.

► Colorful cast of characters. Thomas "Eat Your Pussy" Jane and Keegan-Michael Key are standouts.

► Lots of kills. Gory, but not too gory.

► More action-adventure than horror. More comedy than thriller.

► Several references to previous films, some are too on-the-nose. Worst one: a character actually says, "Get to the choppa!" Yup. Not even chopper. Choppa, Schwarzenegger-style.

► Solid, dynamic first half. Unfortunately, it loses steam towards the end.

► Not sure about Predator Hounds.

► Really not sure people will like where Shane Black has taken the franchise. I mean, if fans hated The Last Jedi and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (and even Black's own Iron Man 3), I could see Predator fans really hating the ending to this one.